Bolsa de Valores de Mocambique
HCB 3,00
CDM 210.00
CMH 1,100,00
CETA 120,00
EMOSE 20,00
ZERO 20,00
TOUCH 100.00
ARCO 100.00
OT 2005 S2 8.00%
Moza Banco 2013 Sub 14.50%
Visabeira 2015 21.75%
OT 2015 S4 10.125%
OT 2015 S5 10.50%
OT 2015 S6 10.50%
STB 2015 S1 21.75%
STB 2015 S2 21.75%
STB 2015 S3 21.75%
BNI 2016 S1 15.00%
Bayport 2016 S1 26.50%
Bayport 2016 S2 27.25%
OT 2016 S1 11.00%
OT 2016 S2 12.75%
OT 2016 S3 16.125%
OT 2016 S6 14.00%
OT 2017 S1 15.625%
OT 2017 S2 14.625%
OT 2017 S3 15.00%
OT 2017 S4 15.125%
OT 2017 S5 14.5625%
OT 2017 S6 18.25%
OT 2017 S7 18.25%
CM 2017 19.50%
Millennium BIM 2017 15.75%
Opportunity Bank 2017 S1 19.25%
Bayport 2017 S1 24.50%
OT 2018 S1 14.50%
OT 2018 S2 14.625%
OT 2018 S3 14.5625%
OT 2018 S4 10.00%
OT 2018 S5 16.00%
OT 2018 S6 16.00%
OT 2018 S7 16.00%
OT 2018 S8 16.00%
OT 2018 S9 16.00%
OT 2018 S10 16.00%
OT 2018 S11 16.00%
OT 2018 S12 16.00%
OT 2019 S2 14.00%
OT 2019 S3 14.00%
Opportunity Bank 2018 S1 19.25%
In the context of the partnership between the Mozambique Stock Exchange and the Confederation of Economic Associations of Mozambique (CTA). On March 14 and 15, 2019, BVM participated in the Annual Private Sector Conference (CASP), which took place this year under the motto "Improving the Business Environment to Accelerate Economic Recovery: Agro- Business as an Accelerator Factor."

During the event, BVM's PCA, Salim Cripton Valá, was the "Key Note Speaker" on the panel that focused on the "Alternatives for Financing SMEs" on 13 March. Valá argued that the capital market could be part of the solution to the difficult access of SMEs to financing, and that the Stock Exchange also serves to foster innovation, entrepreneurship, good corporate governance and business ethics. He emphasized that BVM has SMEs on its radar and since 2009 has a specific market for these types of companies, and is reflecting on the need to have a market for start-up.

In its explanation, BVM's PCA pointed out that there are good experiences in Africa of using innovative financing mechanisms for SMEs, highlighting initiatives such as "Crowdfunding", "Business Angels", "Leasing", "Factoring", Funds of Venture Capital, Microfinance, which Mozambique can adopt.

Inspired by Prof. Muhammad Yunus, author of the book "The Banker of the Poor and Nobel Peace Prize Laureate in 2006, said that it is necessary to believe and trust SMEs, women and young entrepreneurs, and technologies. Without this belief, we will hardly have financial inclusion.

In the context of CASP, BVM exhibited its products and services at "Expo CASP", a specialized trade fair for suppliers of goods and services for the oil, gas and mining industry, as well as economic promotion and financial institutions. In this context, he was pleased to receive, on his stand, the visit of His Excellency Filipe Jacinto Nyusi, President of the Republic of Mozambique, on 14 March.

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