Bolsa de Valores de Mocambique
CDM 210,00
CMH 890,00
CETA 120,00
EMOSE 20,00
MATAMA 375,00
ZERO 10,00
OT-2005-S2 8.00%
BCI-2009-Sub 27.3125%
MOZA-BANCO-2013-Sub 100.00
CM-2013-S2 26.75%
OT-2013-S4 9.875%
CPC-2014-S1 27.25%
CPC-2014-S2 26.75%
OT-2017-S4 27.50%
OT-2014-S6 10.75%
OT-2014-S7 10.25%
OT-2014-S8 10.125%
Visabeira-2015 13.00%
OT-2015-S1 10.00%
OT-2015-S2 10.00%
OT-2015-S3 10.00%
OT-2015-S4 10.13%
OT-2015-S5 10.50%
OT-2015-S6 10.50%
STB-2015-S1 27.25%
STB-2015-S2 27.00%
STB-2015-S3 27.00%
BNI-2016-S1 23.25%
BAYPORT-2016-S1 31.75%
BAYPORT-2016-S2 32.00%
OT-2016-S1 11.00%
OT-2016-S2 12.75%
OT-2016-S3 29.3125%
OT-2017-S1 27.00%
OT-2017-S2 27.00%
OT-2017-S3 27.00%
Millennium-BIM-2017 23.00%
BAYPORT-2017-S1 29.75%

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Prédio 33 Andares



Tel.:+258 21 308826/7/8

Cel.:+258 823007140 / +258 823196080 /+258 843014910

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Investor Support

The legislation and regulations in force consecrate a whole range of mechanisms aimed at establishing effective means of investor protection; Is the case, in particular, of all legal provisions concerning the information to be provided by entities with quoted values, as well as what has to do with the conditions of the operations and, in particular, the conditions of the exercise of the activity of Financial intermediation.

On the other hand, BVM has actively developed a set of tasks in the context of investor support, in particular to private investors, in particular with regard to the provision of clarifications related to market intervention and the exercise of rights.

For any help that investors need, BVM has available the:

Investor Relations Office  
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.