Bolsa de Valores de Mocambique
HCB 13,75
CDM 200.00
CMH 1,100,00
CETA 120,00
EMOSE 20,00
ZERO 20,00
TOUCH 100.00
ARCO 100.00
OT 2005 S2 8.00%
Moza Banco 2013 Sub 22.50%
Visabeira 2015 20.25%
OT 2015 S4 10.125%
OT 2015 S5 10.50%
OT 2015 S6 10.50%
STB 2015 Sub S1 20.75%
STB 2015 Sub S2 20.25%
STB 2015 Sub. S3 21.75%
BNI 2016 S1 13.50%
Bayport 2016 S1 26.50%
Bayport 2016 S2 25.50%
OT 2016 S1 11.00%
OT 2016 S2 12.75%
OT 2016 S3 16.125%
OT 2017 S1 15.625%
OT 2017 S2 14.625%
OT 2017 S3 15.00%
OT 2017 S4 15.125%
OT 2017 S5 14.5625%
OT 2017 S6 18.25%
OT 2017 S7 18.25%
CM 2017 18.375%
Millennium BIM 2017 15.75%
Opportunity Bank 2017 S1 19.25%
Bayport 2017 S1 23.00%
OT 2018 S1 13.6878%
OT 2018 S2 14.625%
OT 2018 S3 14.5625%
OT 2018 S4 10.00%
OT 2018 S5 16.00%
OT 2018 S6 16.00%
OT 2018 S7 13.75%
OT 2018 S8 13.6875%
OT 2018 S9 16.00%
OT 2018 S10 16.00%
OT 2018 S11 16.00%
OT 2018 S12 16.00%
OT 2019 S2 14.00%
OT 2019 S3 14.00%
Opportunity Bank 2018 S1 19.25%
Opportunity Bank 2018 S2 21.50%

What is a Stock Market?

It is an organised market where securities are traded such as shares, bonds, equity securities among others.

What are securities?

Securities are issued by companies or other entities, which represent rights and duties, and can be bought and sold in particular on Stock Exchanges.

What kind of Securities are traded on the Mozambique Stock Exchange (BVM)?

The following securities are listed on the Mozambique Stock Exchange:

  • Shares
  • Bonds
  • Commercial paper

What are Shares?

Shares are securities that represent the share capital of a company.

A share confers on its holder the ownership of the corresponding portion of the company, its profits, but also losses.

What are the benefits of being a shareholder in a company?

Shares of a company may be:

  • A source of profits for their holders;
  • A form of savings;
  • Bought or sold on the market, generating profits as a result of these transactions;
  • Used by their holders as security against bank loans.

What are bonds?

Bonds are representative of medium and long-term loan securities issued by companies or by the State to finance its expenses in a given period of time.

Owning bonds of a company or other entity means being the creditor of the issuer, thereby having the right to receive interest on a regular basis, and to repay the principal at the end of the loan term.

What are the benefits of being a bondholder?


  • Represent a safe source of income;
  • Allow for more precise financial planning, in order to reach predetermined objectives, since interest is pre-established;
  • Provide a source of savings for the future;
  • Can easily be bought or sold on the market.

What is commercial paper?

Commercial paper has the same characteristics as bonds, the difference being that commercial paper is issued for terms not exceeding one year, usually to finance companies' cash deficits.

How can securities be bought or sold on the stock exchange?

In order to purchase or sell securities, investors must contact StockBrokers (Banks authorised to carry out stock exchange transactions) to give their stock market orders (purchase or sale instructions), indicating the quantity of securities for purchase and / or sale and their prices.

Where is the Mozambique Stock Exchange?

Mozambique Stock Exchange is located on:

Av. 25 de Setembro, 1230,

5º andar, bloco 5 Prédio 33 Andares

Maputo, Polana Cimento